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Furnace Maintenance Process

  • During maintenance, we will check up on your furnace system and prevent any issues arising from the heating process, thus increasing the unit’s efficiency. We will also carefully check your unit and tune it up to ensure the furnace unit is functioning optimally.  

    Here are other services our technicians will carry out during furnace maintenance.

    • Analyze the heat exchanger for proper functionality
    • Inspect the flames
    • Examine the air filter to ensure its proper functioning
    • Check the wiring systems for any loose or damaged wires
    • Examine draining system blockages
    • Lubricate all moving parts

How Often Should You Book Us?

You should book us for a minimum of one year for your furnace maintenance. With our maintenance services, you can rest assured that your furnace unit will work effectively throughout the year. Furnace manufacturers recommend frequent maintenance as the best routine to prevent constant repairs. We will ensure that you always have a perfect working unit at HVAC Bee.

The best season for maintenance is before the beginning of the winter season. This prevents breakdowns during the cold season when the furnace is most needed.

Benefits of Maintenance

  • Air Quality

Having a quality air supply is essential, especially for people with respiratory complications. Our services ensure that maintenance is done correctly for quality air.

  • Minimal Repairs

The system is analyzed and cleaned during maintenance to prevent further furnace breakdowns. Maintenance improves efficiency and functionality, making the units last more. Our technicians are well equipped with the knowledge to identify the causes of breakdowns and eradicate them.

  • Durability

Maintenance helps in smoothening the working process and preventing any damage. Services provided by a well-maintained furnace are long-lasting. A well-maintained furnace unit will last long.

  • Saves Money

A properly functioning unit helps in the reduction of the energy bill. Our maintenance crew ensures that the unit is working properly as intended by the manufacturer.

Why Clients Choose HVAC Bee for Furnace Maintenance Services

We have been servicing clients in Georgia for over 20 years. Here is why you should try our services.

Furnace Maintenance is important. Book today with HVAC Bee

We thrive on reliability by ensuring that all our customers’ needs are met. We are a professional team that guarantees all our clients 100% satisfaction. Trust HVAC Bee to bring back the heat in your home.

We are a team of professionals that provide services of the highest quality. All our technicians have been evaluated, tested, and verified. With our experienced team, there are no furnace issues we can’t crack.

We offer the best services at subsidized rates. Schedule maintenance today with HVAC bee and get a 10% discount.

The HVAC Bee is always ready to buzz any time, any day. Every time is the perfect time to talk to us. Regardless of the time and day, we never compromise on the quality.  

Giving our clients the top services is our priority. Our qualified team thoroughly maintains the furnaces for smooth running and long-lasting furnaces.

Does Your Furnace Require Cleaning?

Knowing when to clean your furnace should not be a daunting task. The furnace, like every machine, will show signs of malfunctioning. Some of the most noticeable signs include the following:

If you are having trouble maintaining the same temperature in different rooms, it might be time to clean your furnace. Call HVAC Bee technicians for more complicated issues, such as if you can’t get any heat, or your furnace can’t maintain an accurate set temperature, or the unit keeps turning on and off on its own, or you are getting high-energy bills.

The smell of oil, rubber, and plastic while turning on your furnace might signify a needed cleanse. This smell leads to environmental pollution and health hazards when left to accumulate. If you can smell gas, get in touch with a professional.

A dirty burner will cause a flame to change its color from blue to yellow. Cleaning can help eradicate the problem. If there is carbon monoxide leakage, call HVAC Bee immediately. We will assess the situation and devise a permanent solution, even if it means replacement.  

Loud noises are a distraction and uncomfortable. Unusual noises include loud bangs, howling, and whistling every time you start your furnace. Such noise could be a result of dirty air filters. If you can’t get the noise to stop, call us. We will stop the noise and keep your unit working effectively.

Dirt and dust from the furnace reduce the air quality of regulated air. Noticing signs like dust particles on the surface of your home and allergies is a wake-up call for cleaning.

Furnace Repair is simple with HVAC

For the furnace to keep you warm, you need to take care of it.

Furnace maintenance ensures that the heating unit provides the best services in a home and has more life to it.

Are you looking for an HVAC company to take care of your Furnace? Well, look no further! HVAC Bee has all it takes to maintain your furnace.

For a properly working furnace, you need regular maintenance carried out by a team of experts. Typically, a maintenance session by our team of technicians takes about an hour. We understand how much you value your time; we will be out of your hair in no time!

A well-maintained furnace can last for 15-20 years. Usually, early breakdowns are caused mainly by poor maintenance. Ensure to book us for maintenance every spring and fall to ensure that your furnace lasts long.

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Your furnace requires regular maintenance to keep you warm during the cold season. Don’t get stranded in the cold; let us maintain your furnace today.

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