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Having Furnace Repair Issues?

  • HVAC Bee guarantees emergency services that give you peace of mind 
  • Warranty on the labor offered is guaranteed to last throughout the lifespan of the parts
  • We use certified and trained technicians to make the repairs clean and smooth
  • Warranty available on the new complete parts availed by HVAC Bee Company
  • Repair of all kinds of furnaces, including electric furnaces, gas furnaces, and heat pumps
  • 24/7 service, including nights, evenings, and weekends
  • We offer full service and maintenance for all furnace problems detected
  • Service coverage along Georgia
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on performance tune-ups

Let HVAC Bee Heat Up Your Home

Most homeowners think about the furnace when there is a need for heating. Don’t wait until there’s an emergency – your furnace requires regular maintenance. Here’s why you require regular furnace maintenance and repairs.

  • Improving the quality of indoor air
  • Eliminating the constant breakdowns and effectively extending the life of the heating system in place
  • Saving on expenses cost as energy is efficient
  • Enjoying constant temperatures without hot spots 

The secret to properly maintaining the furnace is having professionals working on the maintenance and any upcoming repairs. The maintenance begins with the cleaning of the units. When cleaning the units, we also detect any minor issues and problems that might arise and fix them accordingly.  

With over 20 years of experience, you can rest assured that your furnace is in the right hands. Ultimately when the maintenance is done, any significant issues detected will be repaired and parts replaced with the best in the market. If there is a need for advanced handling, scheduling will be done with our team on the ground to make sure the appointment is held, and your furnace is working optimally.

HVAC Bee serves Woodstock, Kennesaw, Cartersville, Holly Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Acworth, and Canton areas.

Furnace Repair from a licensed HVAC Contractor
Furnace Repair is simple with HVAC

A broken furnace offers no relief during cold nights.

Fortunately, HVAC Bee’s furnace repair experts offer same day services. Having served Georgia for over 20 years, our certified home heating experts are knowledgeable about all kinds of heating issues. When you run into furnace repair issues, HVAC Bee is the missing part.

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Why Do You Need Furnace Maintenance Services?

Furnace maintenance saves on costs. When maintenance is done periodically, it’s easier to detect any issues that may start. The best part is that professionals know problematic areas and know exactly what to check for as the repairs are done following building codes.

The safety of your family cannot be overstated. Our HVAC professionals have undergone the necessary training and licensing to handle furnaces safely. Given that our team is experienced, safety is guaranteed. 

The safety of your family cannot be overstated. Our HVAC professionals have undergone the necessary training and licensing to handle furnaces safely. Given that our team is experienced, safety is guaranteed. 

Insurance and warranty play an essential role when it comes to furnace repairs. We understand that accidents can happen anytime, regardless of experience and professionalism. That’s why all our HVAC experts are insured.

In the event of mishaps, you can rest assured of peace of mind as you are clear of any fault. The parts we use for furnace repairs are also warranted to ensure you get exactly what you deserve! 

Visit us at our Woodstock offices or Contact us at (678)327-8360 with any questions, and we will hook you up with the right team today!

When to Call HVAC Bee for Your Furnace Replacement

Knowing when to replace your furnace is essential. Replacing a furnace can help you save money on constantly repairing your old system. Let us replace your old system for efficient heating in your home.

An abnormal smell is an indication that you require some professional assistance. If you experience a lingering weird smell or a pungent smell, it’s necessary to have our HVAC Bee team check on it…it can be a sign of poor combustion. 

Gas leaks are an emergency, and you should have a specialist come in right away. However, go with professionals as gas is highly flammable, and a single spark can mean disaster. Leave the house to us if you suspect any gas leak without definite proof. We will address the issues immediately.

A furnace that does not start or is increasingly difficult to start with every subsequent use requires some expert attention. The issues can often be from the coils, the heat exchangers, or a multitude of other problems. HVAC Bee experts come in handy to ensure that the issues are sorted out immediately and that the furnace works optimally.

Uneven heating is usually an aggravated sign of the furnace having an issue that requires immediate attention. A great test to do is walking around and checking if there are cold and hot patches around the house. If these patches exist, then it’s time to call in professionals to have some repairs done.

An increase in energy bills could be an alarm that your furnace is not working. If the energy bill is increasing monthly even when the unit is not being utilized for long periods, it means your system is not working well and requires servicing.  

Carbon monoxide alarm alerts that keep going off can mean a leak. Call an HVAC Bee contractor to address the issue if the alarm goes off at least 3 times and you are unsure of the cause.

Trust HVAC Bee to Handle Your Furnace Repairs

We are the team to call when you run into furnace repairs. Once we receive your call, we will promptly identify and sort out your furnace issues. Winter is coming; Let HVAC Bee repair your furnace Today.

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